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    I've been a member since 2006 and I visit it every week. Very good forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravitejag View Post
    Congrats on your payment Jam you always deserve the best
    Just make post like a big flood in GA then you will be the winner. That is my experience!

    Welcome to InvestDad Investors Network - we have been served since 2007!!!

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    Nope Admin. It depends on the contribution of the member. If its a HYIP person we give him the award for their contribution in posting proofs and giving right kind of info to our members regarding which programs are paying. Same goes to every topic. Contribution is what we look into

    Anyways here is a news for everyone. Goldage has decided to introduce a service where members can exchange their LR to PP.
    Goldage Service - This is the thread.
    This is an oppurtunity for all the members who are interested in earning through PP, you can earn through LR and exchange it to PP. And also for the already existing members to exchange their LR safely without getting scammed.
    GA is trying to offer as much as it can to make sure its members are enjoying their time in the forum. Hope to receive some response for this service.

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