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    Thumbs up Earning Palace - !!

    Dear Members,

    We are proud to announce the official start of our new PTP forum Earning Palace (EP) ..
    The Community that we all are waiting for ,,we as a group of experienced members have worked hard to build the forum and makes it one of the best places for all of you to discuss different kinds of the online money making opportunities

    We are paying all members just for being active with us. Check out the rates, limits & the advantages below.

    Posting Rates :

    * New Thread - $0.03

    * Reply Post - $0.025

    * Sign Up Bonus - $0.25

    * Earn $0.25 from referring Friends/new peoples to Earning Palace.

    To refer people you must use your referral link.

    * How much a Point is worth - 1 Point = $0.01

    * You Can Request Payout once you reach 200 points.

    Minimum Payout -
    $2 to Liberty Reserve

    Other Advantages :

    - You also can earn some easy daily cash just for being active in our Contests Folder

    - Many good earning offers & plans will be presented just for being active on our board ..

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    my 2nd request payment in this forum:

    thank admin. good luck
    Site Bet Good :

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    I have received my first payment from his site 4 days ago
    the admins are very fiendly
    most of the members are active and fast payouts
    here is the proof

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    my payment at forum:

    12/17/2009 13:05 24916707 U3363353 (Earning Palace Payout A/c) + $3.82 $0.04

    this is my 3rd payment
    Site Bet Good :

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    4th payment of my at forum:

    thank admin ! merry christmas . I hope the forum will develop increasingly powerful
    Site Bet Good :

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    Thumbs up

    additional payment of the last day of 2009 through this program. I hope to program in 2010 will still work well

    Forum wishes to the new year will work well and strong development. happy new year !!!!!
    Site Bet Good :

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    Thumbs up

    add a new payment from the forum. is my 5th payment

    admin work very well, and demand payment of his members are accepted and payment is quick . thank admin
    Site Bet Good :

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    payment has been made real quick..
    wonderful admin, few members have now become moderators, so many people to help you

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    Thumbs up

    Your ads here $43/month

    6th payment at forum......

    Admin paid:

    Transfer Successful

    Your transfer was successful!
    Date 1/8/2010 21:34
    Batch 26264588
    From U3363353 (Earning Palace Payout A/c)
    To U8239898 (Lonely ghosts)
    Amount $1.50
    Memo Payment From Earning Palace thanks for being Active !

    Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve!

    My payment:

    Thanks admin
    Site Bet Good :

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