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Thread: Oct-09 Contest - Price 150$

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    Default Oct-09 Contest - Price 150$

    Dear our beloved members,
    This contest will start on today to the end of this October. All members who has been winner (at least once) on Daily and/or Weekly Contest will be qualified for this prize 150$. But in order to be winner, you must hold the biggest number of winner times on these contests and highest number of referrals during this Oct. The result of the winner will be announced on the third day of November.
    Remember one thing, each referrals must have each least 5 posts to be counted.
    Your ref link and stats can be found here


    Dear members,
    Today we ended Oct contest. I have to spend my precious few hours at weekend to check all qualified candidates. They all have very good referrals performance with around 10-13 active referrals this Oct. That is amazing result. But when I look closely each their active referral then I see some came here for SPAM & POSTING NONSENSE TO GET ID POINTs or many referrals post same thing on same threads... Therefore I had to ban some of them at the beginning otherwise our forum can be full of trash.
    With 12 qualified and checked referrals, member with id "365mn" should get this prize. Please pm me with your AP/LR/PM address to get. Thanks

    - Pls join our live forex trading room here:
    - Pls join our HYIP discussion room here:
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    admin what if for example someone has the highest amount of refs for October but has never won any daily or weekly contest here?

    also if the opposite occurs, if someone won alot of cotests but has not referred members.

    Who will win?

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    Refs number will be first priority then we will consider daily/weekly prizes he won.
    Good luck to all

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    Wow 150$ for referral contest ... amazing i will ask my friends to join this wonderful forum right away ... i am going to get you baby this time

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    Nice referral contest admin ... i hope someone going to bang the money

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    Nice contest admin ... i really love to lay my hands on it but its already 27th and i will try my best ....

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    Your ads here $43/month

    will this contest be followed to next month ... already the contest is over for this month i assume

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